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May 25, 2024
Medical Services

The Inauguration of Hemodialysis, Neurology & Neurotherapy Departments

Recently, the Organization has also introduced Neurology and Neurotherapy Departments to provide comprehensive care for patients with psychological and neurological disorders.
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توزیع مواد معیشتی و نقدی برای نیازمندان
May 21, 2024

Distribution of Cash and Food Assistance to the Underprivileged in Suburb of Herat

The distribution of livelihood items remains an ongoing program for families in need, ensuring their well-being. On May 9, 2024, flour, mutton meat, cash, and laundry soap were distributed to residents in the city outskirts as part of the organization's commitment to supporting the community.
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بازدید مسئولان موسسه از مراکز زیر مجموعه موسسه در ولایت فراه
May 21, 2024

Assessing the Medical and Educational Centers of the Organization in Farah Province

The visited centers included Forough-e Jawad Kindergarten, Forough-e Jawad Private School, the second branch of Forough-e Jawad School in Qaleh-ye Arbab of the Third District, Forough-e Jawad Quran Classes, Jafari Mosque, Tailoring School and Workshop for Women, and the Quran Teaching Centers for both men and women.
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آبرسانی به نیازمندان ولایت فراه
May 13, 2024
Social Services

Inauguration of the Second Water Supply Project in Farrah

The Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization aims to implement essential public welfare programs for our compatriots in times of need. One pressing issue faced by many people in remote areas is the lack of access to safe drinking water.
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توزیع کیف و لوازم التحریر برای دانش آموزان نیازمند در هرات
April 29, 2024

Distribution of School Bags and Stationery to Underprivileged Students

The significance of attaining knowledge and education is undeniable, as emphasized by the Holy Quran, which underscores the importance of literacy and learning.
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