Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Main Office - Herat

In 1993, after the beginning of Mojaheddin rule in Afghanistan, according to the charity’s articles of association, the central office of the charity was set up in Herat, and in 2001 it was registered with the Ministry of Economy began to operate. Responsible for the central Office of imam jawad charity in herat is  Haji Bashir Ahmad Dabaghpour.


The activities of Imam Jawad charity are divided into five main categories, and each of these categories includes several types of activities.

Livelihood Support, which is one of the most basic needs of families, is the priority of the Imam Jawad Charity, and the charity pays special attention to providing this type of support, and among the activities of the charity, most of funds go to livelihood support. Livelihood support includes the distribution of raw food packages, hot meals, clothes, basic home appliances, and in the cold season, distribution of coal, gas, firewood, and money for paying electricity bills.

The medical department of the charity is one of the most productive departments of the institution, and its activities are more extensive and require more funds compared to the other departments. Since health care is one of the most important issues in life, Imam Jawad charity pays special attention to this department and tries to provide the best medical services for vulnerable patients.
Medical treatment support includes free examination and medication, financial support for treatment and surgeries inside the country, financial support for treatment and surgeries abroad, and medical services for special patients at home.

 The education is one of most fundamental issues of the society.
Considering the significance of the role of education in creating a bright future for people in the society, Imam Jawad Charity had developed many fundamental and special educational services so that it can solve the problems of underprivileged students and provide them with education opportunities from kindergarten to higher education. The purpose is that they can study without any financial concern.
The educational support of Imam Javad charity includes grants for primary and high school education, distribution of stationery, and transportation grants for university students.

 Governments usually are responsible for providing social services.
Considering the many problems that our country is facing, many of these services are either nonexistent or insufficient, and in many cases, people themselves try to provide such services voluntarily.
Imam Jawad charity fulfills its duty in providing humanitarian aid to the people of our society by implementing various public benefit projects, including providing water supply to underprivileged areas, providing housing for homeless households, paying house rent, job creation by setting up various businesses including sewing and basket weaving, carpet weaving, Khorjin weaving, funeral grants for the underprivileged, etc.

 In most human societies, the cultural issues and customs are very important for the people.
In our country, where people’s culture is based on their Islamic beliefs, paying attention to culture, and practicing cultural rituals is one of the people’s priorities.
Due to the economic problems that affect low-income families in our society, practicing these rituals is one of the problems of these families.
Due to these problems, Imam Javad charity has special activities to help with these needs, which include marriage grants, dowry (Jahiziyeh) grants, and building and equipping libraries.

Organizational Chart

Imam Jawad charity is a service-oriented organization, and many people serve the organization voluntarily
Board of directors consists of 30 core members and 20 alternate members who serve voluntarily. The board meet regularly to consult, plan, supervise, and inspect the activities of the charity.
In addition to the board of directors, Imam Jawad charity’s staff who work in different departments of the charity, carry out its executive activities.

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Goldsmiths Bazar _Sadeghhieh Mousque At the end of the alley, the office of the Imam Jawad charity organization.