Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Cultural Department

In most human societies, the cultural issues and customs of societies have a special importance for their people. In our country, where people’s culture is based on their Islamic beliefs, paying attention to culture and practicing cultural rituals is one of the people’s priorities. To respond to these needs, Imam Jawad charity has special activities to help with them, which include building and equipping libraries, publishing authors’ literary and artistic works, setting up exhibitions, supporting top students, and providing them with special financial support.

Building and helping to equip libraries

In this regard, Imam Jawad has helped to promote the culture of reading and studying among students by building and equipping libraries

Publishing literary works of scholars

By publishing the works of the late professor Fadaei and professor Banai Herawi through their publishing company, Imam Jawad Charity has taken a big step towards the expansion of Persian culture and literature and poetry reading.

Holding Exhibitions of Calligraphy Works

To encourage the young generation to write beautifully and to revive genuine Persian calligraphy styles, Imam Jawad charity organized an exhibition of Afghan master’s calligraphy works, including Najibullah Anwari’s.

Encouraging the top students of schools

To support top students, the charity provides them with special financial benefits.

Latest activites in Cultural category

Distribution of sweets in 15th Sha’ban to underprivileged families

Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization distributed sweets among the poor on the occasion of the birth anniversary of mam Mahdi (A.J)
In an act of kindness on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Imam Mahdi (May Allah hasten his honorable revelation) on 15th Sha’ban, Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization distributed sweets among permanent beneficiaries of this harity.
May Almighty Allah reward abundantly all of those who take a step forward to help our underprivileged compatriots, for their good deeds and acts of charity.

Holding an exhibition of institutions supporting refugees (Mashhad)

On the occasion of the World Refugee Day, an exhibition titled Watan Mehr was held; This exhibition, which was held on the 5th to the 10th of Cancer, is the result of a call for works of visual arts in 6 disciplines, including photography. Oil painting. black pen Maraq Calligraphy. Music. It is handicrafts, poetry and stories, which was screened for viewers to visit by sending more than one thousand works and showing more than 400 works after evaluation and judging.
In this exhibition, more than 20 active Afghan organizations and 7 centers and institutions supporting refugees have also presented their capacities and activities; that among the refugee organizations, Imam Javad (a.s.) charity was selected as one of the best booths; It is a matter of great pride and honor that this institution, in addition to working in the field of livelihood and medical assistance, has also paid special attention to cultural, artistic and literary affairs.