Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Mashhad Office

Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization was established by a group of faithful Muslims in Ramadan 1408 A.H (April 1998), equal to 14th Ordibehesht 1367 S.H, in Mashhad city of Iran. Haji Mohammad Kazem Yousefi is the director of the charity in Mashhad city now. With Allah’s mercy, Mashhad’s office of the charity could help disadvantaged people and solve their problems as well as other offices of the charity in other countries. These disadvantaged people are immigrants who are residents of Mashhad city.

In general, Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization in Mashhad has the following charitable activities and aid services.

Livelihood assistance and Food aid, four times per year.
Distribution of food aid for people under the support of the charity and people who are not registered in this charity but eligible of receiving assistance.
Distribution of cooked food.
Monthly financial allowance for the families that are under the support of the charity.
Distribution of emergency food aid for displaced people.
Distribution of food aid and financial allowance that are donated by Ayatollah Sistani Office in Mahmanshahr-e Torbat-e Jam.
Donation of clothes, fabrics, shoes, and other clothing items.

Imam Jawad (AS) ‘s Darul-Qur’an Institute establishment in 1387 S.H (2008) in Mashhad, Qorqi village.
Supporting Afghan immigrants who are known as international inventors.
Supporting Afghan teenagers who are members of the International Federation of Inventor’s association.
Developing educational programs such as teaching Intellectual mathematics, teaching the English language, teaching Quranic interpretation and recitation.
Educational financial assistantship for the students of the school and higher education.
Holding teacher training courses for primary school teachers.
Holding psychology of childhood and adolescence courses, (traditional, classical and modern) cooking and baking classes, and first aid training classes.

Providing social services in thirteen suburban areas in Mashhad city as well as Mahmanshahr-e Torbat-e Jam.
Supporting carpet weaving and carpet panel collection of Khom-e Astana.
Dowry allowance for the families under the support of the charity.

Creating sewing workshops for breadwinning women and widows.
Around 30,000 people found jobs since the beginning of this entrepreneurship.

Introducing disadvantaged patients to the hospitals and providing surgical support for the families under the support of the charity and families who are not registered to the charity but are eligible for receiving the assistance.
Financial assistance for kidney dialysis patients.

Establishing programs for teaching thin embroidery (Nazok Duzi) in six months, tailoring and designing in six months, Curtain and clothes sewing classes, teaching decorative knots classes, basic and advanced ribbon embroidery classes, flower arrangement and jeweled crown making classes, embroidery with industrial and handy sewing machine classes, crochet and bag weaving classes, basic and advanced knitting classes, fabric painting classes, glass painting classes, oil painting classes, painting and drawing on paper, pottery for children classes, saddlebag weaving (khurjin) and carpet panels classes.

Imam Jawad charity in Mashhad supports 526 families in 23 different districts in Mashhad city. The number of supported families by the charity in Mehmanshar district is 176 families. Besides, 
Mahmanshahr-e Torbat-e Jam also receive social aids and other assistance from the charity.

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