Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Farah Office Report

Imam Jawad (AS) Medical Service Center
Imam Jawad (AS) Medical Service Center was established in 1393 (2014) in Yezdeh village and was built by the charity on a donated field. This center provides medical services to underprivileged people of Afghanistan, especially Farah residents. There are several units in this center including a well-equipped drugstore, sonography unit, active breathing machine, minor surgeries, and maternity department. Most of the patients are indigents who are under the support of the charity and they receive free medical services and medicines. The personnel of this center are internists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives and other attendants.

Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Private High School

Forogh-e-Jawad Private High School was established in 1391 (2012) and is located in Yezdeh village, Pol-e-Pokhteh district of Sayedabad area, that was built on a donated field by the charity. This school provides services for the local underprivileged people and covers many facilities that include a laboratory, a library, and a well-equipped standard sports field. The school operates double shifts and there are 16 active classes there. In the current year (1401 AH equals 2022), the first shift’s students are females and there are one preschool class, two first-grade classes, two second-grade classes, one third-grade class, two fourth-grade classes, one fifth-grade class, and one sixth grade class there. In the second shift, there are 400 male students from grade five to grade 10 that are attending the school. The total number of personnel on both shifts is 24 people that include the principal, the teachers, the guard, the financial manager, and other staff. It should be noted that the students of Forogh-e-Jawad school are under the support of the Imam Jawad charity and they are free from all educational tuition.

Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Private Kindergarten

Forogh-e-Jawad Private Kindergarten was established in 1388 (2009) and is located in the second district of Farah Province. It started working under the name of Forogh-e-Jawad Quranic Center and since 1395 (2016) It has been known as Forogh-e-Jawad Private Kindergarten. The school’s new building locates in the Qal’eh-ye Arbab area, the third district of 34th street. The building was built by the charity in a donated field. This kindergarten has Ahkam and Quranic recitation classes for deprived kindergarten-level students and four people are working there.

Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Darul Quran institute

Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Darul Quran institute was established in 1400 (2021) under three branches. There are three classes for teaching Ahkam and Quranic recitation for female students. The first branch is located in Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Private Kindergarten, the second branch is located in Imam Jawad (AS) Medical Service Center building, and the third branch is located in Imam Bargah Mosque in northern Yezdeh. There are 110 students in this institute that are being taught by three teachers.

Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization, Farah Province Office manager: Doctor Mahdi “Maisam”
Principal of Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Private High School: Mohammad Dawood Danishwar
Financial manager and principal of the Forogh-e-Jawad (AS) Private Kindergarten: Mr. Hamidullah Hayel
Quranic teacher and cultural supervisor: Mrs. Najiba Naji.