Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Website Introduction Report (Herat)

Nowadays, all human activities are related to the Internet either directly or indirectly, and the internet is a source of information for lots of people in the world. Internet gives many possibilities for providing information and services to people. Therefore, Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization in Afghanistan also needs to create a complete and active website to perform better and extensive activities.
Also, running the website, due to the dispersion of our dear compatriots in different parts of the world, and the need for clear and complete information about the activities and gaining trust of these dear ones about the organization, is really necessary. Also, many of our faithful compatriots abroad are willing to donate to the organization so that reach the needy and deprived people of Afghanistan. but, due to various reasons, they are not able to deliver the aids in person at the Imam Javad Charity Organization; It should be made easier to deliver their financial aids to the organization easily by these loves’ ones. Therefore, Imam Jawad (AS) Charity organization in Afghanistan started to activate a complete and comprehensive website.


· To do better and extensive activities
· To inform Clearly and completely
· To collect donations online

Now, considering the goals mentioned in the context of the need for website activities, the following programs are being developed.


  1. To activate a comprehensive and updated website for a globally better and extensive activities.
  2. Collecting, preparing and presenting reports and materials on the performed activities, current and future plans to familiarize the audience with the activities of the organization better and in a clear way.
  3. Creating and activating online payment sections and direct communication with audience for donations. Providing necessary information of the people under the support of the charity by the organization to familiarize the contacts with the situation of the needy people better and using audiences’ suggestions and constructive criticisms.


Content Preparation Department

This department provides the necessary materials for website contents and reports by collecting and sorting past years’ materials and attending the current activities, preparing reports, photos and videos of this.

Editing and uploading department

After receiving the materials from the content preparation department, this department compiles, writes, corrects and translates them and then uploads and archives them after relevant official’s approval.

Public relations and supervision department

This department assists the website in providing the best possible services by receiving the questions of the audiences and presenting them to the authorities (if necessary) and then following them until receiving the answers and presenting them to the contacts; communicating with the representatives, monitoring the current and technical functioning of the website, preparing a report on the performance of the website and presenting it to the authorities of the organization.