Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

The Birth Anniversary of Imam Jawad (A.S) in Mashhad City

جشن میلاد با سعادت امام جواد علیه السلام در شهر مشهد

The birth anniversary of Imam Jawad (A.S) was held in Mashhad, Iran, on January 21, 2024, with the enthusiastic presence of Afghan immigrants, scholars, religious figures, Afghan religious groups, charitable organizations, and respected merchants of this city.
The celebration begun with the recitation of verses from the holy Quran by the esteemed reciter Mr.Faiq Ahmadi, followed by eulogies in praise of Imam Jawad (A.S) by Mr. Hossain Yaqubi, Jalil Ahmad Azimi, and Jawad Karbalai. The children from Dar al-Quran Imam Jawad (A.S) recited a beautiful anthem, and Hojat al-Islam Dr.Sayed Jawad Vahidi delivered a speech on the virtues of the Ahl al-Bayt.
Subsequently, a video clip showcasing the activities of the Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization, which was prepared by the Herat Office of this Organization, was presented to the attendees.
At the end of the celebration, recognition was given to the efforts of the six diligent colleagues form the Mashhad and Herat Offices:

Mr. Sayed Abdul Wahab Kazemi
Haji Habibullah Heydari
Haji Mohammad Baqer Sheikhzadeh
Haji Ahmad Shah Mollazadeh
Mr. Abdulwase Sheikhzadeh
Mr. Mohammad Abbasi