Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Report of the Office of Imam Jawad Charity Organization in Afghanistan (Herat)

In the administration part of the building the following departments are active: Management, Administration, Accounting, Fundraising, Procurement, Audiovisual, Website, Office Services, and Security. All these departments do their respective tasks in coordination with other departments.

Management Department:

the essential foundation of any organization is its management, and a manager is the driving force of a department. The management department of Imam Javad Charity has many tasks on its shoulders including:
Managing and supervision of all activities of the central office in both administration and medical services divisions
Responding to all clients including covered and non-covered clients, and reviewing and responding to their requests
Making decision to accept or reject clients’ requests based on decisions by the Investigation Commission and Local Investigation Team, and referring the accepted cases to administration department
Eligibility requirements for families:
1. Orphans who have no guardians
2. Disable people who can’t work
3. Elderly men and women who have no income
4. People with incurable diseases

Administration Department:

All administrative affairs of the central office and registration of the people who are referred by the Investigation Commission are done in this department. After registering, filing documents, and assigning an ID number, a special card is issued for every family. This department also oversees filing people’s data in the system and preparing and publishing statistics.

Accounting Department:

All accounting and financial affairs of the center are done in this department.

Fundraising and Procurement Department

Fundraising Department

This department of the central office collect cash donations from the city. Here is the process of collecting donations: the city has been divided into 12 districts for moneyboxes and charity boxes and 5 districts for Cash Subscription Cards. Moneyboxes and Cash Subscription Cards are distributed after they are registered in a computer system.
Distributed charity boxes are collected every three months, Cash Subscription Cards are collected every month, and moneyboxes are collected whenever they are full.
Donations through the subscription cards are categorized and registered based on the type of donation, which includes Infagh, Sadaghat, Nozoorat, Sahmain, Kaffara, and Rad-e-Mazalem.
Here is how this department works: at the end of each month, Cash Subscription Cards are collected from businesspeople and markets, and every three months, charity boxes in houses and stores are emptied. The distributed moneyboxes are brought to the fundraising department after they are full. Every month, all collected donations are submitted to the accounting department after proper filing and registration.

Procurement Department

This department purchase and prepare all the items and goods that are to be distributed among the covered households.

Audiovisual and website


This department takes photo and record videos of the charity activities, labels, files, and saves the recordings in a computer to be used on the website when needed.


The website department provides information about the charity’s activities and try to raise funds from donors residing in other countries through the website.

Examination and Treatment Division

  1. General Internal Medicine
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. General and Minor Surgery
  4. Obstetrics and Gynecology
  5. Neurology
  6. Orthopedics
  7. Eye
  8. Dermatology
  9. Dentistry
  10. Injections and Dressings

Diagnosis Department

  1. Equipped Laboratory
  2. Sonography
  3. Echocardiography

Patients visiting the center are examined by professional doctors, and after diagnosis, are provided with the prescribed treatment.