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Report of 58 residential units in Baharestan town (Herat)

The construction projects of Imam Jawad Charitable Institution (AS) play a big role in solving the problem of housing and shelter for the needy people in Afghanistan. One of the important and necessary needs of humans is to have shelter and housing, without that life is not possible and to difficult. Since the first years of the establishment of this people-centered institution, many civil works have been carried out that have been of public benefit and have been able to be a source of good and service for the noble people of our society. With the economic situation of our beloved country, Afghanistan, and the unemployment and inability to buy or rent housing by the poor and needy people in the society, this issue is a big problem for our people and they are facing a serious challenge in this matter.
The disadvantaged in the society have no choice but to live in very bad places with no facilities and they have to make it through the night to the morning in any way possible. In line with the implementation of the long-term goals of the Imam Jawad Charity Foundation (AS), in building housing and shelters for the needy in society, especially the respectable families in need of housing in Afghanistan.
This institution has sheltered 58 families in this area and solved their housing problem by building the large residential town of Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization in Afghanistan in the Karte area of ​​Baharstan, which is for the needy Afghans.
This complex of units is located in the residential complex of Imam Jawad (AS) Charity Organization in Afghanistan in Karte area – Sark Baharestan, in front of the telecommunication antenna – Bagh Karbasiha Road, at the end of the road.
The units of this complex each have two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and toilet
This town will soon witness the opening of a mosque, medical service center, Dar al-Quran and kindergarten.