Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Distribution of Jackets to the Children of the Earthquake-Stricken Area of Cheshmeh-ye Ya’qub

توزیع جمپر برای کودکان قریه زلزله زده چشمه یعقوب

We thank Allah for allowing us to assist some of our fellow citizens in need with the help of generous benefactors during these cold days. As the weather got colder, we donated suitable winter clothing to the beloved children in the earthquake-affected area of Herat, Dasht-e Hawz (Cheshme-ye Ya’qub village).
Dear compatriots, there is still time to help. Many rural children and adults do not have suitable clothing to keep themselves warm. As you know, the temperature in rural areas is lower compared to the cities, especially at night, which can make the weather exhausting. On the other hand, these deprived people are in severe need of heating equipment, warm clothes, and blankets.
How beautiful it would be if, just as we provide warm clothes for our children, we do not forget the orphans so that they can also spend this winter without hardship.