Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Cash Distribution to Orphans Under the Care of the Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization

توزیع وجه نقد برای ایتام محترم تحت پوشش

“If you don’t want your heart to be in pain
Lift the burden from the sorrowful hearts,
Take the noble path of the freemen,
When you stand, lend a helping hand”

Imam Ali (A.S), the righteous leader, gave special attention to the orphans and the infirm. We must follow the noble path of religious leaders and embrace the orphans who are forgotten in life’s tumult. Even if we cannot fill the void left by their fathers, we can be a source of support and hope for them.
The Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization expresses gratitude and appreciation to the honorable benefactors who, during these days, have shown kindness to the orphans and have brought joy and happiness to them through monetary and non-monetary donations.
On the auspicious occasion of Imam Ali’s (A.S) birth anniversary, with the generous donation of esteemed benefactor, Mr. Hakim Karimi, cash donations have been given to all orphans under the care of the Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization.
May Allah accept your acts of charity and reward you abundantly.