Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

The Ikram and Takrim Feeding Program during the Holy Month of Ramadan

آغاز طرح اکرام و اطعام ویژه ماه ضیافت الهی

The news has arrived that spring has returned to our hearts,
The joyful message of distances shrinking has reached us.
Once more, a call from the divine throne has come,
Oh servants! The holy month of Allah Almighty has arrived.

Happy Ramadan to all Muslims around the world, especially to our esteemed compatriots. May this sacred month of spiritual cleansing and worship bring peace, joy, and spiritual rejuvenation.
This month is a time to reflect on those in need, and we must ensure that nobody goes hungry in our communities.
The Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization recognizes the vital role of your generous contributions in supporting the needy and easing economic hardships for deserving families.
Each year, during Ramadan, we implement a plan to honor and feed the less fortunate through the Ikram and Takrim Feeding Program. The eligible less fortunate are permanent beneficiaries of the Charity and other needy individuals. This year, with the grace of Allah, we aim to distribute 30000 warm meals in Herat by the end of Ramadan.
Dear benefactors! We eagerly await your support for this noble cause that brings blessings and joy to those in need.