Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Invitation to Helping Afghan Dialysis Patients in Muharram, 2023

کمک به بیماران نیازمند دیالیز در افغانستان

In the name of Allah, the almighty who chose the most merciful hearts for helping the oppressed and suffered servants of him; the one who gifted these “pure hearts” the grace of being a cure for the poor patients’ pains, especially those needy patients with chronic kidney diseases in need of regular dialysis.
As another charitable act, the Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization is offering an invitation in Muharram and Safar to help underprivileged Afghan dialysis patients in Afghanistan and outside the country. As we all know, Muharram is associated with Imam Hussein (AS) who is the symbol of freedom in the world.
This Organization awaits your kind donations, as in the past, to help our compatriots. Your donation will help them not to lose their lives just because they cannot afford treatment and dialysis. They also get to live longer lives with their families.
Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization is always available to receive your donations from Afghanistan and all around the world and help needy patients.