Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

“Hot Meal Distribution for Imam Hasan Mojtaba’s Birth Anniversary, Herat”

توزیع غذای گرم و تداوم طرح اکرام واطعام نیازمندان

At times, Allah chooses to help His servants through your hands. When you reach out to lend a helping hand, remember that your other hand is held by Allah. Embrace this divine connection as you offer assistance, knowing that you are an instrument of His compassion and grace.
On the auspicious night of the middle of the holy month of Ramadan, coinciding with the blessed birth of Imam Hasan Mojtaba (peace be upon him), the Imam Jawad (A.S) Charity Organization continued its feeding program of Ikram and Takrim to the less fortunate. Hot meals were distributed to all families within our permanent support, as well as to individuals in need who are not currently under our care.
To expand our reach and provide hot meals to more people in need, we rely on the support of our esteemed fellow citizens. Your assistance will enable us to continue this program and make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.