Imam Ali (pbuh) said: He who forgives with a short hand will be rewarded with a long hand.

Schools covered by Imam Javad charity organization in Afghanistan(Herat)

Children thrive in schools and shape the future of the world. If children are provided with quality education, they can build a better world. In today’s advanced world, it is a pity to see some Afghan children can’t go to school because of shortage of schools or classrooms.
One of the most important commitments of Imam Jawad charity has been providing Afghan children with quality education. Because of this strong commitment and the good will and due to the need in the poor districts, the first Resalat school was established in the Bazar Khosh, Choobkhane lane in 1998. In the last 24 years, 12 schools were built in different districts of Herat. All these schools are administered and managed by Sepehr-e-Andisheh Cultural Educational Complex.
The students who are supported by Imam Jawad charity can study in Resalt schools free of charge.
Moreover, the students who are not supported by the charity are screened by the charity’s Investigation Commission, and if they are recognized as eligible, they will receive 50% off in tuition fee to study in Resalt schools. We hope that no child misses school and education because of poverty. We believe that providing education for all children will create a brighter future for our society.